Microwave Ablation
New technology
The future is already today
Microwave Ablation
The future is already today
New technology
The future is already today
Example of ablation antennas:
Antenna for varicose veins ablation:
When it comes to dealing with varicose veins, without a doubt the safest procedure is microwave ablation (you can be sure here).
Of course, you can cut a vein, fill it with foam, use laser ablation or radio waves (RF). But there are several reasons to use our method.

  1. The most important thing is the action time. In our device, already after 4-5 surgeries, the intervention time will be 60% of the RF surgery.
  2. We have the most flexible and thin antennas, they make it possible to reduce the number of cuts in sharp turns, and not only that.
  3. One antenna allows ablation for both legs.
  4. The heating rate is much faster than RF.
  5. This ablation temperature is 60-100 degrees, the laser ablation temperature is more than 140 degrees.
  6. There is no fear that the antenna will break, unlike the laser.
  7. The entire time of the surgery can be guided with US, in contrast to the RF technique.
  8. There is no fear of a vulnerable pacemaker or heart.
  9. Any surgery can be done under local anesthesia because of the wave frequency and reduced vulnerability of body tissues.
Antenna for thyroid and breast ablation:
Antenna for thyroid and breast ablation:
  • When working with thyroid or breast tumors, very high precision is needed.
  • Microwave analysis technique is the same as RF analysis technique. And the bonus that the entire operation is guided by US and also during ablation.
  • Unlike other devices such as laser or RF, our microwave device has no time difference in the ablation of different tissues. Whether it is fat, muscle or gland, the heating time will be the same.
  • Microwaves heat water molecules, and only water. When the molecules in the cells start spinning a billion times faster, it causes the water in the cell to boil and causes it to collapse. And all this at low temperatures compared to all other facilities.
  • The intervention time of the surgeon can be reduced up to 6 times, depending on the experience.
Antenna for bone tumor ablation:
The work of a surgeon can be compared to the work of great artists, the surgeon has to work with the most convenient and high quality instruments. One of the great creations we have in stock is the bone tumor ablation antenna.

Made of special ceramic, allows real-time operation with the CT. The design of this antenna and its qualities have been developed so that in addition to performing their work, the surgeon can focus on the procedure comfortably.
Ceramic antenna for CT:
Several ceramic antennas to choose from our series, allow any operation under CT guidance.

Comfortable length, appropriate diameter, a handle that sits nice in the hand - all of this makes it possible to work with almost any tumor size.

Each series, with the exception of the varicose vein ablation antenna, has a patented technology that allows the entire antenna to be cooled along its length, which significantly improves surgical performance and postoperative recovery.
Metallic antenna for tumor ablation:
It is necessary to emphasize once and for all the most important advantages of our antennas:
  • When working with our antennas, there is no need to ground the operated person.
  • The structure and design of our antennas allow significantly better access to the tumor.
  • You can connect 2 antennas to one device and work with them simultaneously.
  • US can be used during ablation.
  • At least 2 times less side effects than in ablation with RF.
  • Same operation technique as with RF.
  • At least 40% less damage to healthy tissue than with RF.
  • For each antenna only 3mm is thawed by ablation.
  • Kills 100% of cancer cells!
Antennas to choose from:
Antennas to choose from:
16G Ceramic Antenna on C.mode (liver)
14G Ceramic Antenna on C.mode (liver)
15G Ceramic MRI Antenna on C.m. 4m cabel
14G Ceramic MRI Antenna on C.m. 5m cabel
8G Metallic Antenna for bone
6F Disposable Antenna for Varicose
Compression socks:
Compression stockings after varicose vein surgery:
Here you can see an example of two types of compression stockings used immediately after varicose vein surgery. From us you can order in any size.

Despite the fact that the liquid injected into the leg is much less than the ablations with other devices, it is still necessary to bandage the leg.

Instead of the patient walking for the necessary time with a bandage, our compression stockings can be worn immediately after surgery.
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